Fresh from their appearance on BBC Clicks recent music technology special, the band Miro Shot bring their multi-media extravaganza to the Brunswick pub in Hove. It takes place on Thursday 11th May 2023 from 2pm to 11pm.

Off Axis is a one-day festival where over fifteen solo acts / MCs / bands perform alongside Miro Shot’ award-winning (SXSW 2023) and groundbreaking multimedia live music performance with virtual and mixed reality. Artists include Adam Hopper, Alex Apolline, Charlie Austen, Cortnë, Dakota Avenue, Dubinski, Fond Of Rudy, Foreign Mornings, Forgetting The Future, ĠENN, Madman State, Mima Merrow, Miro Shot, Nixon Tate, Sara Rae, The Northern Threads, WondRWomN and Work In TV. Despite the sci-fi nature of the event, it looks like a very indie heavy lineup. It looks like upstairs is a mixture of 10-minute VR shows and bands while downstairs are more bands and Miro Shot.

Times are available here. It is all free but to book tickets online you must pay a pound per ticket for handling. It’s not a large pub so I’m guessing it could fill up quite quickly.

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