Brighton International Animation Festival 2023

A two day festival of animation taking place at the Latest Music Bar on the weekend of the 15/16th of April. The vision of the festival is that it embraces international partnerships and encompasses a global perspective, in addition to providing an accessible place for people to learn about the medium.

Brighton Fringe 2023

The Brighton Fringe festival takes place all around Brighton from the 5th May to the 4th June. There are 600 events taking place in more than 100 venues.

Banff Mountain Film Festival 2023

The Banff Mountain Film Festival features a brand-new collection of short films filled with extreme journeys, untamed characters and captivating cinematography. Join the world’s top adventure filmmakers and thrill-seekers as they climb, ski, paddle and ride into the wildest corners of the planet.

Lewes Music Festival 2023

The Lewes Music Festival is another newish festival on the calendar. It takes place on Saturday the 3rd June 2023 at the Rugby Club at the bottom of town. It features rugby in the morning and music in the afternoon/evening.