Technically speaking I did go to Banff twice in one weekend while in Canada on business, so I feel I should really go to their film festival at some point. It is a lovely place high up in the Rocky Mountains. It is literally mountains as far as the eye can see, and then some. Luckily for me I don’t have to get on a plane to see it as the festival stops off at Brighton on its trip round the world.

The second part of Banff Mountain Film Festival comes to the Dome on the 28th March with the first part having taken place in February.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival features a brand-new collection of short films filled with extreme journeys, untamed characters and captivating cinematography. Join the world’s top adventure filmmakers and thrill-seekers as they climb, ski, paddle and ride into the wildest corners of the planet.

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The films are about runners, skiers, cycliosts and high wire walkerand they range from 5 mins to half an hour in length. Included in this session are;

LAPPORTEN SKYLINE – 18 minutes (contains some subtitles)

THE PROCESS – 15 minutes


NORTH SHORE BETTY – 12 minutes

DOO SAR – 20 minutes (subtitled from Polish)

FREE TO RUN – 31 minutes

ALTA – 5 minutes


DO A WHEELIE – 6 minutes

Probably not something to see if you suffer from vertigo or have nightmares about breaking every bone in your body. Expect to see lots of “extreme sports” types in the audience.

Photo : Banff Film Festival

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