O N C A , one of the most “Brighton” of all the galleries in Brighton has announced that it is to close by the end of the year.

The reason for closing seems to be purely financial, as the sort of things they put on are as relevant now as they were twelve years ago when they started.

After a lot of thoughtful consideration, we have taken the extremely difficult decision to close, not because this work is no longer needed – it is needed now more than ever – but as the years have gone by, the struggle to find funds has become ever more challenging. This is in part due to the shrinking funding pots available, the massive increase in competition for grants since the pandemic, and a broader social atmosphere in which the arts are devalued, despite the brave work of so many within the sector.

Their co-working space will close in June with the gallery closing at the start of next year. My money is on another coffee shop or flash art gallery replacing it.

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