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  • Brighton Pier Fest 2023

    Brighton Pier Fest 2023

    Later this month Horatios Bar on the Palace Pier (in conjunction with the Latest Music Bar) is hosting Pier Fest 2023. This has been running for a couple of years now and is a month of entertainment for adults and kids as well as three sub-festivals of its own. Entertainment comes in the shape of…

  • Review – Jah Wobble @ Chalk

    Review – Jah Wobble @ Chalk

    A review of Jah Wobbles recent show at Chalk in Brighton where he played selections from his re-recording of the PIL album Metal Box.

  • Virtual Reality Music Festival at the Brunswick

    Virtual Reality Music Festival at the Brunswick

    Off Axis is a one-day festival where over fifteen solo acts perform alongside Miro Shot’ award-winning multimedia live music performance with virtual and mixed reality. Thursday 11th May 2023 at the Brunswick pub.

  • Double John Grant

    Double John Grant

    Singer/songwriter/electronic artist John Grant has two shows coming up in Brighton. first with the band Creep Show in June and then with Richard Hawley in September.

  • Brighton Fringe 2023

    Brighton Fringe 2023

    The Brighton Fringe festival takes place all around Brighton from the 5th May to the 4th June. There are 600 events taking place in more than 100 venues.

  • Lewes Music Festival 2023

    Lewes Music Festival 2023

    The Lewes Music Festival is another newish festival on the calendar. It takes place on Saturday the 3rd June 2023 at the Rugby Club at the bottom of town. It features rugby in the morning and music in the afternoon/evening.

  • Brighton the Musical – 2023 Mix*

    Brighton the Musical – 2023 Mix*

    Song suggestions should anyone ever write a sequel to “Brighton the Musical”. All credit to Terry Garoghan.

  • Brighton Open Air Theatre Season 2023

    Brighton Open Air Theatre Season 2023

    Brighton Open Air Theatre Season 2023 is running from the 21st April 2023 to the 17th September. Music, theatre and comedy under the stars.

  • Moves Festival

    Moves Festival

    Moves Festival is a showcase for QM Records at the Old Market on the 4th March.

  • The Great Escape 2023

    The Great Escape 2023

    Full details of the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, running from the 10th to 13th of May, and with 140 bands playing all over town.