Brighton has always been an eccentric town but no one ever really covered all the interesting things that go on in it. This blog aims to cover all those events and anything else that takes my fancy. From an exhibition at the Corn Exchange to a gig above a pub. If it is interesting then it is in. You won’t find local news, restaurant reviews or any of that trendy stuff.

Personally, I first started coming to Brighton back in the mid-eighties. First of all for the games and comics and then the music and the Brighton Festival. Back then it was a bit of a dive but it was the only interesting town on the south coast. No offence Worthing. In the 90s I came here for college. Finally, I moved here just as it became a city and boy, has it changed. But don’t get me started on that.

Of course, I only really cover things I am interested in myself. If you would like to cover the LGBTQ or multi-cultural side of Brighton then drop us a line via the contact page.

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