As if one film festival wasn’t enough, there is another one coming up very soon. Doc ‘n Roll is a nationwide music-themed film festival that is in its tenth year. Some of it runs at our two Picturehouse Cinemas from the 27th of October to the 12th of November.

Like a good music festival, there is a huge variety of musical genres on offer. Interesting-looking features include.

LOST ANGEL: THE GENIUS OF JUDEE SILL – The story Of Judee Sill, one of those cult folk singers from the sixties who had a short but troubled life, and only a small amount of success. Then in the 00s her music was reissued and went on to find a new audience.

TLC FOREVER – A documentary about the 90s girl group who are still going strong.

LET THE CANARY SING (CYNDI LAUPER) – A feature-length documentary about Cyndi Lauper and her life as a performer and protester.

If you are in London then there is always MUTINY IN HEAVEN: THE BIRTHDAY PARTY. It’s a look at The Birthday Party, local Gothfather Nick Caves first band. Featuring lots of live footage from when he was more of a punk than a moody crooner.

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