Coming up this December, The Old Market has a mini festival of what it calls “immersive” gigs. Apparently, the auditorium will be wrapped on all sides with screens and state-of-the-art Fuji Z projectors will show visuals alongside the music. This really sounds interesting and seems a good way of getting the listener into the music without resorting to bulky VR headsets.

They have some big names performing some of these shows. The lineup so far includes.

Elijah & Jammz – Make The Ting – Grime producer Elijah shares music industry advice through the medium of his new album.

The Jalapeno Bop: Winter Edition – I don’t know if Jalapeno Bop is a regular club night but it seems to have been around for years. Artists performing include Smoove & Turrell, Wolfgang Valbrun and the Allergies.

Plaid – Expect lots of bleeps and bloops as this top tier electronica act brings their show to Brighton.

Who We Are – This is a duo made up of former Rudimental live vocalist Tommy Jules and composer Simon Bass. They have made a film amongst other things.

Orbital’s Phil Hartnoll – Nuff said.

Marconi UnionMarconi Union are an ambient, dub, jazz and electronic band from Manchester. Make of that what you will.

The Informals II – This is an improvised documentary experience: a two-part event consisting of a gallery exhibition and a one-off live performance by artists Polina Medvedeva and Andreas Kühne, in collaboration with emerging talent from Brighton’s music subcultures.

Fatboy Slim: Four Walls, Three Hours – Don’t bother clicking, this one has sold out already. Recently a 50-foot-tall hologram of him played a DJ set over the London skyline.

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