Brighton Council to Airbnb Pavillion*

In a shock development, Brighton Council have announced plans to let the Pavillion as a party house on Airbnb. A spokesman for the council said “what with the rising cost of wages and goods, we desparately need to find a new source of income for the council. After a long consultation we decided that this was the most cost effective way of raising funds“.

The building, known for its ornate pillars and imposing domed roof was started in 1787 and finished in 1823. It was built by the Prince Regent before he became king George IV. The interior is decorated in a style now known as “Trumpian”, with an excess of gold leaf and cushions.

Said the same councillor, “With multiple spacious bedrooms, a large dining room, kitchen and a music room, this is the perfect place for hen or stag parties hang out when they are not causing havoc. What with the secret tunnels to the Theatre Royal and several nearby pubs, this is a good all year round holiday home. The music room is perfect for setting up a karaoke machine and letting your BFFs rock out. We’ve even hung some old parachutes from the ceiling in the main dome, just to make it feel like a festival yurt“.

When pressed further the councillor said “In all honesty we are just returning the pavillion to its original purpose. The Prince Regent would come down on a friday with a couple of firends, hire a couple of local wenches and party the weekend away. Then he would return to london on monday, just like most of the Londoners who come down here now. Queen Victoria much preferred Osborne House as her staff coudn’t get some of the stains out of the Pavillion carpet“.

*Not really

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