In an exclusive for this blog, we have got our hands on top-secret documents listing the names of some of Peter James upcoming “Roy Grace” book titles and their plots.

Dead on the Money Roy Grace gets called in to investigate how a young professional couple managed to get enough money for the deposit on a detached house in Hove. Was the death of all four grandparents coincidental?

Dead or Alive Roy Grace gets involved in the murky world of 80s musical tribute acts and dodgy plastic surgeons. Can he prevent David Van Days burger van from being blown up?

Dawn of the Dead Something goes terribly wrong with the Brighton Zombie Walk . Roy Grace and Nick Cave are forced to spend a weekend trapped in the Churchill Square shopping centre.

Deadpool Roy Grace reinvents himself as a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His new wisecracking, slightly rude persona comes as a great surprise to his colleagues but not as big a surprise as when Thanos turns up on the beach. Not strictly canon.

Dead Poets Society Set during the Brighton Festival. When a poet is killed halfway through a reading of their 666 verse masterpiece Roy Grace has to find out who was responsible. It turns out everyone who sat through the first 300 verses had a good motive.

Dead to the World Roy Grace sleeps through his alarm clock and gets into the office half an hour late. Short story.

Flogging a Dead Horse Erm … that’s it.

*Alright we made it all up.

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