Currently live on Kickstarter is a campaign for Thoughtless In Remarks, a film being made in Brighton. The plot is described as such

… a dramatic comedy about best friends Jack and Alex spending a final weekend away together before Jack marries and Alex moves abroad for her work. Much to Jack’s hesitation, Alex has arranged for a birthday weekend in Brighton, UK. The trip could make or break for two friends who met at university but are steadily drifting apart as they approach 30“.

The campaign is run by 31 32 Film Company which is writer/director, Dan Hasson and producer/actor, Tom O’Brien. By the look of it, they are from the low-budget school of filmmaking. They are after a goal of £3000 most of which will go towards post-production on the film. Rewards include everything from downloads and DVDs to production credits.

Here is a trailer for their first film “When are you moving out?”

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