TEDxBrighton 2024

TEDxBrighton 2024

TEDxBrighton is a full day of Ted Talks. You remember TED talks? They were all the rage about ten years ago. Someone woud get on stage, talk about something for five minutes and go viral. Well, it seems thet they are still going and they are coming to Brighton. Obviously they haven’t run out of things to talk about yet.TEDxBrighton

TEDxBrighton takes place in the Brighton Dome on Friday 5th April between 9am – 5pm. Tickets are £47.

I will leave you to check out the list of speakers but if “TikTok-famous entrepreneur” and “Chief Mindfulness Rebel” float your boat then get along quick.

People talking include Simon Squibb, Hady Milani, Bud Johnston, Gayle Berry, Natalie Benmayor, Mark Blake, Nahum, Jessica Chapplow, James Dempster, Kian Bakhtiari, Amy Polly, Mo Kanjilal Williams, Oge Ejizu, Woodzy, Tansy Dowman, Dean Spears, Tom Morphew, and many more.

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