It turns out that there are quite a few options for doing evening classes in Brighton & Hove. Some are more geared towards fun and learning new skills while some are more practical and educational.

Met College. This is the proper college down from Brighton Station, though their locations now reach as far as Worthing. They do a wide range of courses mainly geared towards education. It’s worth noting that even doing an evening class qualifies you as a proper student with all the discounts that it brings.

Phoenix Arts Space. Down on the Level, the Phoenix runs daytime and evening classes. They are mainly things like drawing, painting and pottery. The tutors are knowledgeable and the rooms are suitable for any messy work.

Art-K Hove. Down the far end of darkest Hove, this place does regular art classes on a weekly or drop-in basis.

Sew Fabulous. If the Sewing Bee is your favourite program on TV then upstairs in the open market is the place for you. They do regular and one-off courses.

BN1 Arts. If you need more jazz hands in your life then BN1 Arts has a lot of performing classes you could take. From Tap and Jazz to Afrobeats dancing.

Sussex County Arts Club. The longest-running arts club in Brighton, they have daytime and evening sessions most days of the week. Sessions include life models abut are not tutored.

Collage Club. This is a bit of a random one. Two evenings a week they host sessions in pubs where you can bring along magazines, cut bits out and stick them together. You know, like you did at primary school. Still, it’s good for the mind and it is in a pub.

Draw Brighton. In 2009 Jake Spicer set up ‘The Brighton Life Drawing Sessions’ – a weekly drop-in life class held in the corner of a small studio in New England House, Brighton. They have sessions most days, several times a day.

Romud. They have a wide range of pottery classes incorporating hand-building and throwing on the wheel. Mostly ten-week courses.

Then there are the more practical ones. These are more for learning new professional skills or brushing up old ones.

Brighton & Hove Council.



Aldridge Adult Learning.

Then finally there are the random ones who you can find on Eventbrite.

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