Brighton festival 2024

Brighton Festival 2024

It’s back so that is May sorted. For those not aware, the Brighton Festival 2024 is a month-long festival of the arts and culture that takes place in and around Brighton during May. Theatre, music, dance, you name it, they are doing it.

As announced earlier, the guest director this year is Frank Cottrell-Boyce and he gets to curate what is happening. Among the special shows this year are;

Ground. A three-course meal at the Earthship in Stanmer that investigates who owns our foodstuff.

Scott Silven-Wonders.

Kae Tempest. Doing their spoken word poetry thing.

The Making of Berlin.

The Melancholy of the Tourist.

As We Really Are. Some nostalgic public informatin films from the 1930s. With added David Shrigley .

The Land Acknowledgement or As You Like It.

UNKLE + Ebi Soda. DJ James Lavelle spinning tunes produced under his UNKLE alias.

Carnesky’s Showwomxn Sideshow Spectacular.

Food does seem to be a bit of a thing this year with a couple of the events being meals and one being set in a cafe.

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